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Nightingale Creator Program

Are you a content creator interested in exploring the mystical Fae Realms and sharing the journey with your community? Then the Nightingale Creator Program is your chance to gain access to the game, as well as other benefits, and work with us as we prepare to open the portals to the world of Nightingale.

By becoming part of this exclusive community of creators, you have the chance to participate in early playtests, be able to create preview content, and be open to opportunities for collaboration, as we grow and expand our community leading to our Nightingale Early Access launch in 2023.



If I apply for the creator program am I automatically accepted?

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We review all creators who apply before selecting based upon a variety of factors: content quality, community engagement, level of interest, audience, alignment with Inflexion values, etc.

Does everyone in the program gain the same benefits?

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It may be the case that we won’t be able to offer the same opportunities to all of the creators in the program. This could be due to limitations related to playtest size or resources. But we’ll aim to make sure that everyone in the creator program has a positive and rewarding experience.

Are there any requirements to join?

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Only that applicants must be over 18 years of age and adhere to Inflexion’s community standards.

Do you accept cosplayers, artists and other types of creators?

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Absolutely! If you’re passionate about Nightingale, then we’d love to hear from you; no matter what type of content you create.

What benefits can I expect?

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Some of the benefits we’re looking at offering include early access to the game, keys, swag, and opportunities for official collaboration. However, nothing is guaranteed in the Fae realms... but we'd love to hear your feedback on what all you'd like to see offered!