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Community Spotlight - October 2022

Taking a look at the community content creators making awesome Nightingale videos

A few months have passed since we last turned the spotlight over to our community. During that time us folks here at Inflexion have continued to be humbled by the excitement, generosity and positive energy we’ve received from everyone that has messaged us (whether on our Discord or elsewhere). Rest assured that your passion and creativity hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we’ll continue to find new ways to celebrate it as we continue on this journey to Early Access. 

This month we wanted to focus on community content creators. These detail-hungry internet investigators analyze and dissect every second of footage we’ve released to the wider world - and we love watching all the reactions and speculation in response to each glimpse of Nightingale’s world.

Here are a handful of channels creating awesome content around Nightingale, as well as other games that you may find interesting. 

Jade Plays Games

Covering the best of survival games old and new, Jade has been closely following the development of Nightingale, posting regular news updates and commentary unravelling the mysteries of the Fae realms. 

Demone Kim

Check out Demone’s laidback Twitch streams playing MMOs and other games, or head over to his YouTube page for some deeper dives into gaming news and announcements where you can find some more in-depth analysis of Nightingale. 


MonkeyPuzzle YouTube channel features a veritable smorgasbord of sensational survival games across a number of different series he’s produced. We look forward to Nightingale being added to the illustrious list. 

Wired Gaming

A collection of excellent gameplay walkthroughs and tips and tricks mainly focused on survival games, Wired Gaming has also been regularly featuring the latest on Nightingale, including deep dives into Realm Cards and our recent studio Q&As. 


With livestreams, guides and previews, Fortizar is the go-to channel for all the information and help around new and upcoming survival games. Take a look at his multiple Nightingale videos for more detective-like analysis of what our realms have to offer. 


A survival crafting Twitch streamer recently playing the likes of Raft, Subnautica and Ark, Kiitarie is also one of the many incredibly talented members of our community who has been producing incredible fan art in our Discord. 

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