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Inflexion Reflections: April 2023

Here's some fun stuff we've been up to since the last Inflexion Reflections...


We're back with another sneak peek into some of the behind-the-scenes updates we've implemented since the last Reflections post. The biggest news is that we had another closed alpha playtest, check our latest Dev Update video and Playtest Summary blog if you missed them.

Before we get into the new stuff, we promised we'd share a few more playtester screen captures with you all. So, here they are!

Ancient graveyard (captured by playtester).
(This image was captured by a playtester)
Portal that hasn't been activated (captured by playtester).
(This image was captured by a playtester)
Desert Realm unset (captured by playtester).
(This image was captured by a playtester)

Before, the Desert Realm in Nightingale felt a little flat. Now, however, the desert has endless sand dunes which help the Realm feel more alive and affected by the elements.

Desert Realm dunes

Another thing that we are super excited about is that apart from the physical landscape improvements, we have also added heat haze and mirages!

Desert Realm heat haze

The Desert Realm is feeling much more fleshed out and immersive with these new implementations and we hope it translates to the players when exploring this Realm.

To inspire a sense of exploration in players and provide some clues to a Realm's history, we are adding more Points of Interest (POI). Some expand the visual aspect of the Realm, while others may contain additional gameplay elements or lore. We look forward to you finding them all in the future!

Point of Interest 1
Point of Interest 2
Point of Interest 3

We've added some new creatures in-game! We will be going into more detail on our social posts in the future but, as a first introduction, here they are:

New creature: Pihrat
New creature: Caatyne
New creature: Hexham Mongrel
(Hexham Mongrel)

As a special highlight, here is a peek at Hexham Mongrel's floppy ears as it walks!

Gif of Hexham Mongrel walking w/ floppy ears

Ever wonder what a Harpy's insides look like? Well, one unlucky developer found out. And while this view may be gone from inside of the game, it will forever live on in our memories....and as a Custom Emoji in our work Slack.

Inside face of Harpy

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