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Playtest Summary | March 15th - 17th, 2023

We just completed our first successful continuous play playtest! Here's a summary of how it went and some great contributions from the playtesters you won't want to miss.

Hey there Realmwalkers!

We wanted to share an update following the completion of our first ever always-on playtest this past week! Playtesters were invited for 3 days of uninterrupted testing where they built, fought and explored everything the Realms have to offer. A big thank you to the many intrepid explorers who provided us with feedback. Each test really does give us a deeper understanding of our game, and provides invaluable guidance in our continued journey of refining and evolving the experience (and squashing more of those irksome bugs).


When it comes to some of the updated features in Nightingale and the playtester's feedback, we will be covering that in the next Dev Update so, for now, let's look at some fun stats!

Over 12,000hrs played, 24,980 tools crafted, 24,954 food crafted,  7,925 boars killed, 1,132 ranged weapons crafted, 47 players killed by bears, 2 water buffalo killed by unarmed players


We asked players to submit screen captures of things they liked seeing in the game and we were thrilled to see loads of submissions! Unfortunately, we can't post them all here but we will be posting some throughout our social media so make sure to follow us! Here are some of our favourites!

Player-built camp taken at night
Player-built camp taken at night
Same base, in the morning.
Same base, in the morning
Great view of the sunrise.
Great view of the sunrise
Mysterious statue found in the forest.
Mysterious statue found in the forest
Desert Realm
Desert Realm
Great shot of the night sky!
Great shot of the night sky

Again, we want to thank all of you who participated in this past playtest and if you would like a chance to become a future playtester, make sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow the instructions.

Remember to keep an eye out for our next Developer Update (coming soon!). We will be going deeper into player feedback, performance, and what’s to come in that video.

Until next time, fare thee well, traveler.

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